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Programma Affiliazione di DGSKATING


Do you want to be part of our STAR COMMUNITY?

What is the our STAR COMMUNITYDG?
  • Once passed the DGSKATING instructor exam, you can join the STAR COMMUNITY, which will allow you to immediately teach the DGSKATING format. We will support you with teaching tools that are unparalleled in the group training field.
  • The STAR COMMUNITY is an ONLINE area reserved for certified instructors only; where you will receive continuous updates, support and tools to ensure long-term success.
  • The STAR COMMUNITY provides 4-6 updates per year of the musical compilations of the DGSKATING.
  • We did not limit ourselves to mixing music, but we created our musical compilations, which are new music, produced, conceived and studied with synchronization of gymnastic and combat movements with special effects and sound effects by a DJ DGSKATING team.
  • You can repeat the training with the bases of the exercises of the DGSKATING teaching phase.
  • In addition, with MY FIRST CLASS DGSKATING you can see the entire lesson, including DGSKATING SONG music and the DGSKATING teaching phase. And you will be ready for teaching!
  • 180 € ANNUAL.

Simply sign up for our DGSKATING STAR COMMUNITY

DG SKATING is a fitness system founded by Donato Gioielli, an Italian Personal Trainer.


Strengthening and physical conditioning program designed to help people achieve complete and general well-being. The absolute novelty of the DGSKATING program lies in the SKATING equipment (SKATING ONE - SKATING 3.0 - ROLLER SKATING). We have created three different skates in terms of shape, method of use, but above all each one with a different wheel system. All this makes them unique and innovative and able to allow the execution of hundreds of exercises that take advantage of the gravity of their body.

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